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Milk or Dark?

     It all started with challenge as only a Wife can issue:  "If you are so smart, why don't you make a chocolate that we both love?"  Cherrie hated the bitter aftertaste of dark chocolate and Robert did not see the point of eating milk chocolate as it had no flavor.  Truth be told most people tolerate the bitter aftertaste to get the flavor profile offered by most dark chocolates.


      You don’t have to choose any more. We have created our own Signature Blend with the best chocolates in the world.  Now you can have all the depth of flavor of dark and smooth richness of milk in one Signature Blend! You can’t find this anywhere else because we make this ourselves with loving care!


Best Regards Exclusive!  Yes, it looks dark, tastes dark, but does not have that dreaded bitter aftertaste of most dark chocolates.  Still not sure?  Come on in and ask for a sample and judge for yourself or just ask the person next to you at the counter, I am sure that they would tell you!


Cranberry Orange Craves

Cranberry Orange Craves

This started out as an experiment to see what we could do with our exclusive signature chocolate blend.  WOW!  Were we pleasantly shocked when we tasted this!  Wine & food aficionados will love this because of its perfect balance of flavors that present themselves alternately in layers.  It almost seem like we created our chocolate blend just for this!

1/4 lb Cranberry Orange Chocolate


$3.99 #4512

1 lb. Cranberry Orange

Gift Box


$15.99, #4134

Mint Cookie Craves

Mint Cookie Craves

A perfect balance of natural mint, cookie bits and our own signature blend chocolate in a fun and refreshing treat!  We use an all natural mint that is not overwhelming, but complements our Signature Blend of chocolate.  Imagine, tasting the mint AND the chocolate both.  Sorry, that is a pet peeve of mine when companies put so much mint that it smells like a mouth wash.  The cookie bits add just enough crunch to take you back to your childhood.

1/4 lb Mint Cookie



$3.99 #4513

1 lb. Mint Cookie

Chocolate Gift Box


$15.99, #4124


Peanut Chocolate Bark

We actually tested several peanuts before finding one that was born to be with our Best Regards Chocolate!   This is not ordinary peanut cluster, but a real treat to enjoy and treasure

1/4 lb Roasted Peanut



$3.99 #4ozPeanutB

1 lb. Roasted Peanut

Chocolate Gift Box


$15.99, #PeanutGB



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I confess that I am a chocoholic and I Love the Cranberry Orange Chocolate!  I have tried many, many different kinds of chocolate, but there is something special about the way Best Regards Chocolates melt in your mouth and allow you to enjoy every single flavor they have packed in!  Words really can't describe it!  When I make sales calls, I love to give the gatekeepers a Best Regards treat and their eyes just light up!  You guys Rock!
  ~ Dana Ward,
Marathon Moving, KC

Cranberry Orange Chocolate bring Jollification to my taste buds with its divine blend of amazing flavors... an indescribably smiling sensation!
  ~ Mandy Stuke, Lenexa
I am addicted to the Mint Cookie Chocolate!  My mouth waters just thinking about the rich smooth texture of the dark chocolate and the perfect balance of mint and crunch cookie bits.  This is chocolate that I literally can't share because once I get started eating them, they are as good as gone!
  ~ Susanne Neely, Lenexa

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We do not outsource fulfillment of any of our Gift Baskets and Boxes, as is becoming all too common in our industry.


We bake everything from Scratch, from recipes that we have created, using the best ingredients possible.  Let us know if there are any long lost foods that bring back fond memories.  Who knows, maybe we can work together and bring it back.

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