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Chances are, this is not your first stop in your quest for the perfect Custom Cake and you are probably pretty frustrated and confused.  At least when we were on the consumer side of this business we were.  Number of servings from a round cake, pricing is by the piece, instead of by the cake.  No clear answers to questions and my favorite:  You need to order "X" months in advance!  Below I will try to explain why the system is the way that it is and how we are trying to apply our version of common sense to this crazy Cake biz.
the Best Regards philosophy is to not look at how things have always been done, but what makes the most sense and how can we make this even better for all of us?
Business 101:
Most businesses figure pricing based on three factors:
1.  Costs (ingredients, packaging, overhead)
2.  Labor (time to bake & decorate)
3.  Profit Margin

However, in the Custom Cake business,  it is really based on 3 slightly different factors:
1.  Costs:  This can vary greatly.  Actual ingredient costs be as low as a couple of dollars per cake for grocery stores and even some fancy bakeries.  Yes, some of the fancy cake decorators just use a simple grocery store box mix for $0.79 (they brag about it on professional cake decorating message boards).  Here at Best Regards, we use only the best ingredients like King Arthur flour, European butter, Philadelphia cream cheese, European cocoa, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and many others.
Overhead:  Our overhead is higher than home based, but it solves several other problems that they have.  We have the advantage of our Bakery business and Cafe business to help cover the overhead to offset this cost.  Plus you are able to actually come to our business to taste test and visit with us about your needs.
  1. Costs
  2. Labor
  3. Supply & Demand (because they can)


2.  Labor:  This is not as simple as you would think. Someone with a limited kitchen/oven space may take much, much longer to bake their cakes.  This is actually why many limit the number of cake orders they can take per weekend.  Here at BRB we probably have the best and most oven space to bake cakes.  Our Artisan Deck ovens can not only bake the Best European style breads, but amazing cakes as well.  We have the equivalent of over 30 home ovens with better temperature and humidity control.  Time needed to decorate is also a limiting factor. 3.  Supply and Demand:  An established decorator based from home or a small studio may only have enough space to bake and decorate, let's say 10 cakes.  They will want to get the absolute most that they can for those 10 cakes, that is the only way that they can increase their income.  I remember sheetrock workers and painters doing the same thing before the housing crash, lol.  This also has a major impact on lead time as well as pricing.  There is a direct correlation to long lead time and premium pricing.
the Cake Escape
Whatever happened to being able to get a quality scratch baked cake?    This is a chance to get special occasion cake flavor, nice presentation at an affordable price.  We always have a variety of 8 inch, single layer cakes for just $20.  We let our decorators just have fun decorating these with any look that they like.
Piece Count Mystery
Sometimes people consider buying a car easier than buying a Custom Cake.  The fact that most bakeries quote prices based on Price per Piece.  You can use Google to find charts of piece counts per size/shape of cake.  You need to judge for yourself what size cakes you need, based on how you will be cutting it.  Personally, the 1" x 2" wedding cake standard is pretty tough to understand.

Semi-Custom:  $2.50/piece
Custom:  $3.75+/piece
Sculpted/Fondant:  $5.00+/piece

*Semi-Custom is unique to Best Regards and will change the way we all look at ordering Custom Cakes.  We turned our decorators loose to create designs that they thought of as easy and enjoyed making.  You can see these in our gallery.  You can choose a look, choose the cake flavor, frosting, add script and get it for just $2.50/slice.  This is what we call a win/win!
These are all moist, dense cakes like Grandma used to make, but with even better frosting!

These are the Most Popular sizes, available  on short notice.  Please allow at least a week during
Graduation season.
Cake Size Semi-Custom Full Custom
8" rnd $40 $90
1/4 sheet, 1 layer $69 $123
1/4 sheet, 2 layer $89 $162
1/2 sheet, 1 layer $119 $242
1/2 sheet, 2 layer $169 $324

Call or come in for Pricing on our New 2 Tier Theme Celebration Cakes
* Prices subject to change
* Deposits on Custom cakes are non-refundable without at least a 60 Day notice
*Full Custom does not include fondant or sculpting
* Architecture, enhancements and delivery are priced separate and fairly
Other sizes and shapes are available
upon request.
Short Notice Cake Flavors
* Vanilla (Madagascar bourbon vanilla)
* Chocolate
* Limoncello (Lemon)
* Red Velvet
All of these are baked from scratch, from premium ingredients from recipes that we
have created.

* Other cakes available with 10 days notice
Short Notice Frosting Flavors
* Vanilla (Madagascar bourbon vanilla)
* Chocolate
* Cream Cheese
* Limoncello/Citrus
* Chocolate Ganache (slight upcharge)

All of these are made from scratch with European butter and Philadelphia cream cheese and NO corn syrup or preservatives
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bar cookies and dot cookies for a party

$5.99 Grilled Cheese Special:
Its very Gouda grilled cheese

It's Very Gouda
Grilled Cheese

Includes combo side & gooey butter cake

November is about getting ready for Thanksgiving and the Holidays!

You can depend on the Cookie Man from Kansas City and his great team at Best Regards!

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* All of our Gift Baskets are Best Regards originals, and hand made just for you.

We do not outsource fulfillment of any of our Gift Baskets and Boxes, as is becoming all too common in our industry.


We bake everything from Scratch, from recipes that we have created, using the best ingredients possible.  Let us know if there are any long lost foods that bring back fond memories.  Who knows, maybe we can work together and bring it back.

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