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What is your Dream? Most people have a Dream, one that they know they will probably never have the courage or opportunity to fulfill. Maybe it is climbing Mt Everest, running a marathon in Europe or biking across Kansas. I am not talking about winning the lottery, but something that takes hard work, talent, luck and a little bit of crazy. Well, I get to live my Dream. I am going to be on Food Network. Not some gimmicky game show, but Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge.

I am writing this as I sit in my hotel room on the 11th floor (I can’t tell you where or when). I think that the competition starts tomorrow. I say think because they don't really tell us anything. I just know the name of the show. I am writing this now because after the competition, everything changes: the anticipation, the excitement, the unknown and who knows what else.

As I write this, I am humbled, just to be chosen to compete in Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge. The past few years, when people tell me I need to try and get on the Food Network, my reply has always been, “When I am good enough to be on the Food Network, they will call me.”

At this point I have no idea what the format is or the nature of the challenges. I don't really care. I have watched last years episode at least 10 times, looking for clues and tips.

During the 10+ hours of interviews I have been repeatedly asked what my signature Christmas Cookie is. What am I most proud of. Which are the cookies that people crave the most for Christmas. What is the story behind the cookie, people love the story. I am curious, if I had the opportunity to ask my customers, what would they have voted for.
   ·Cranberry Orange Cookie
   ·Tobys Spiced Apple Pie Cookie
   ·Toby's Chocolate Avalanche Cookie

Others that I am really proud of and ready to make blindfolded, if necessary:
   ·Oatmeal Toffee
   ·Chocolate Crinkle
   ·Black & White Cookie and many more

I love the idea of being here, as I came of age as a foodie in the 90's. I finally had disposable income, traveled quite a bit and Food Network was born. I loved the passion that Emerill Lagasse always had. I loved how Emerill would treat Julia Child with the respect and reverence she deserved. I loved the original Iron Chef episodes from Japan that were comically dubbed in english. I enjoyed the early seasons of Mario Batali, Ming Tsai and the whole approach of Alton Brown. Food started off as an interest, then a hobby, then an obsession and finally my life.

I have no idea who I am going to meet, or what I will have to do. Whatever happens, happens, but right now I consider this one of the most exciting times of my life. I am living the Dream.

Tomorrow, I get to show off to the world what I and the rest of our team back at Best Regards can do. Now, if I can only sleep…

Update:  New episodes of Food Network's Christmas Cookie Challenge airs on Food Network, Monday, 9 pm, CST

I do not have confirmation of an air date for my episode.


Huge Cookie stacks from Best Regards
christmas sugar cookies
Assorted Christmas Cookies
Apple Pie Cookie
Toby's Spiced Apple Pie Cookie
Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
Chocolate Crinkle Cookie
Cranberry Orange Cookie
Cranberry Orange Cookies
chocolate avalanche cookie
Toby's Chocolate Avalanch Cookie
Oatmeal Toffee Cookie

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