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Just How Good are those Cookies?


See the Heavens open up for Darren (local media celebrity).

We will all miss that fun show!

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Hi Cherrie and Robert!

My husband came home a few weeks ago and told me about these cookies he'd been hearing about on the radio (810-WHB) as he was driving to work. We just HAD to order some of them as Christmas gifts! 


Well, since we haven't ever tried them I was just a wee bit skeptical as to how good they were going to be to give as gifts, what with being wrapped and shipped and all.  I decided to go ahead and try them since he was so adamant that it was what he wanted to get for some special friends this year.  I ordered the baskets I needed (the "ultimate" cookie" baskets since I couldn't decide on which variety) and I also ordered some for us to try ourselves since we were giving them as gifts.


The cookies arrived today, just as scheduled, packed very safely in their boxes.  The baskets were wrapped very nicely in cellophane with a nice arrangement of the cookies as ordered.  After dinner, my husband got that ornery look on his face and asked...wanna try a cookie?   He went first for a chocolate chip cookie, and as I watched, a huge smile came over his face after the first bite.   He said it was wonderful.  He finished the entire thing himself!  Well, within no more than 10 minutes, he was off to try another variety.  He came back with one of your orange-cranberry masterpieces.  You should rename them OMG!'s  THEY ARE WONDERFUL!  I could tell the likelihood of a wonderful tasting cookie was on it's way when I cut open the cellophane because the smell of the orange hit me immediately.  Excellent I must say.

The sugar cookies were a hit with all three of us also (my husband, son and I.) We all split a cookie of each variety 3 ways, which was more than enough dessert for the three of us. I only ordered 6 of each, I hope they last a day or two!


I have a sampling of the tea cookies in front of me to try, one each lemon, margarita, raspberry, snickerdoodle, and chocolate truffle.  I'm already convinced that I will like them just as well as the others.


Thank you for a wonderful product.  I plan on taking a couple to work to share "samples" of to help spread the word by taste.  I've saved your website to my "very favorites!" list and will be back for more in the future. 




Hi Robert,


I wanted to let you know how much we truly enjoyed the Signature chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies you prepared for our convention a few weeks ago.  They were a big hit!  Thanks again for all of your hard work and super-fast production!


Sincerely, Tara


To:  Best Regards

Our daughter, who lives in Overland Park, gave us some wonderful cranberry chocolate for Christmas.  We did not even care for chocolate (senior citizens) until my doctor told me to take 2 squares of the best dark chocolate with a medicine he prescribed for me. After all those butterscotch years we now want good chocolate!

Your chocolate is the best we have ever had.

Thank you so much!  


                                         Gratefully yours.

                                         Carole B., New Mexico


Dear Mr and Mrs Duensing,


Greetings to you from North Wales.


I was recently presented with a packet of your Lemon Tea Cookies by relatives who had just returned from a trip to Kansas City.


Wow!   I have to tell you that on putting the first one into my mouth, my ears turned inside out and my knees exploded!   A totally, totally new experience!


I see from your website that you make several other varieties too.   Too bad that Kansas City is so far away, otherwise I'd be tempted to fill my cupboards with them.   And too bad that I've just eaten the last one.  You wouldn't be considering exporting your cookies to the UK by any chance?


Thanks very much, Yours sincerely,


John J,  Wales.  UK

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