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best regards ice cream and gelato
Shown: Crinkle & Cream,
Chocolate Brownie & Birthday Cake
best regards creamery
Our philosophy with Best Regards Creamery is to perfect our craft rather high volumes. We will focus on creating an amazing experience with every flavor that we make. Everyone has told us that if you want to make high volumes of ice cream you have to use a commercial base.
OK, I guess that means that we will be a low volume, Boutique Creamery.
* No Corn Syrup
* No Gums (guar, cellulose and more)
* No Artifical Flavors
* No Preservatives

(equivalent of 2 large scoops)

half pint tubs of ice cream and gelato A Simple & Safe Way
to Treat Yourself

We are determined to create a safe, fast and flexible environment for you to get the best Ice Creams & Gelato possible. We will not have long lines or crowds, just good old fashioned Ice Cream!
We are packing our Ice Cream in ½ Pint tubs (about 2 large scoops). We encourage you to try several flavors as they will be rotating out as we introduce seasonal flavors. We will try to give a Last Call before we switch out a flavor.
Current Flavors
Crinkle & Cream
Our classic vanilla ice cream plenty of chunks of our scratch made Chocolate Crinkle Cookies.
Contains: Dairy, gluten

Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate ice cream, made with European cocoa and our Best Regards house chocolate and organic cream. There is no shortage of our scratch made Brownies!
Contains: Dairy, egg and gluten
Birthday Cake
Our classic Vanilla with chunks of vanilla cake and confetti sprinkles. Festive, fun and delicious.
Contains: Dairy, egg and gluten
Mint Chocolate Gelato
Smooth Gelato, made with European cocoa, house chocolate and all natural mint.
Contains: Dairy

French Vanilla
This is a bit richer than our Classice Vanilla to better highlight the extra Madegascar Bourbon vanilla
Contains: Egg & Dairy

Classic Chocolate Gelato
Smooth Gelato made with European cocoa, house chocolate and a hint of vanilla.
Contains: Dairy

Summer Sorbet
(Coming Soon)

A classic Italian Sorbet for those very hot days when you need something a bit lighter.
Contains: strawberry, banana,
pineapple & mango



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Normal Hours
Sun:  Closed
Mon: 8 - 5
Tues: 8 - 5
Wed: 8 - 5
*Thurs: 8 - 5
*Fri: 8 - 5
*Saturday: 8 - 2

Mon: 8 - 3
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Our Famous
cranberry orange cookies
Cranberry Orange Cookie
Better than buying all of the ingredients
texas sheet cake
Texas Sheet Cake
Brioche Cinnamon Rolls
cinnamon roll
with Cream Cheese Frosting
For a more personal service, you may reach us at  913.912.7238
6759 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS  66209
Serving all of the Kansas City, MO Metro area, including:
Kansas City, Leawood, Prairie Village, Independence, Grandview, Gladstone,
Liberty, Lee's Summit, Shawnee, Olathe, Lenexa, Mission Hills.


We bake everything from Scratch, from recipes that we have created, using the best ingredients possible. 

 Let us know if there are any long lost foods that bring back fond memories. 

Who knows, maybe we can work together and bring it back.

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