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best regards greatest hits Q: "How have you managed to stay in business for over 26 years?"

A: We find a need that matches our skills and passions and fill it. 
Pretty simple.
Fact 1: Social distancing is real.
Fact 2: Good Food is an important part of quality of life.
Fact 3: Variety is the Spice of Life.
Fact 4: Our food is pretty darn good!

Solution 3: We will bring back 4-6 of our Greatest Hits from the past.
These are wonderful Cookies, Pastries & Food from the past 20 years. At Best Regards we always take our time to perfect a recipe until it is the Best that we have ever had. As we say, Good is easy, Great is difficult.
These Greatest Hits will only be available for 3 days:
Saturday, Tuesday & Wednesday. We suggest you try it on Saturday and stock up on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Saturday, 7-2, Drive Thru tent and Curbside Pickup
Tuesday, 10-2, Curbside Pickup
Wednesday, 10-2 and 4-7, Curbside Pickup

Orders via Free Phone App or clicking here.
paradise bacon grilled cheese Back for just 1 week:
Paradise Bacon Grilled Cheese, v2.0

The Paradise Bacon GC features Berkshire bacon that we get from Paradise Locker meats in Trimble,MO As you know, current market conditions have changed everything. We have taken the extra time available to work on updating menu items and this one worked out pretty well.
First off we went with a bread slice that was twice as thick as before. This is still our house made, slow fermented Sourdough bread. You will not believe how much difference the thicker bread will make. Obviously we had to tweak the inner workings as well. In this case, the photo does the sandwich justice. Before you ask, NO we will not be able to add this the menu permanently. Get it while you can!
chocolate crinkle cookie Chocolate Crinkle Cookie

This is an old school classic, is usually made from chocolate mix at home, but not here. We make this from scratch using European butter, European cocoa, but this is All American Classic! This will melt in our mouth!
banana bread
Grandma's Banana Bread

This is another old school classic that we stole and updated from Grandma. Basically the same recipe, but we use European butter and add a little banana liqueur.  Shhhh... she would not approve!

Too Ugly for a Real Photo!  Ugly Banana Cookie
It has been several years since we have made this. For a very good reason, they are a real PIA to make. In fact I hate making them so much I called them the Ugly Banan Cookie, hoping to kill it off. Didn't work.
Just imagine the top ¼ inch of a loaf of Banana Bread and you know what this cookie is like.  It is so thin that we have to pack 3 of these together. When I added more flour to thicken it up properly, the banana flavor went away. I always said flavor or looks.




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Please enjoy our curbside pickup or Patio until then.

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NO inside dining at least through September, for the safety of our people.

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Cranberry Orange Cookie
Better than buying all of the ingredients
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Texas Sheet Cake
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Porchetta Sandwich
For a more personal service, you may reach us at  913.912.7238
6759 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS  66209
Serving all of the Kansas City, MO Metro area, including:
Kansas City, Leawood, Prairie Village, Independence, Grandview, Gladstone,
Liberty, Lee's Summit, Shawnee, Olathe, Lenexa, Mission Hills.


We bake everything from Scratch, from recipes that we have created, using the best ingredients possible. 

 Let us know if there are any long lost foods that bring back fond memories. 

Who knows, maybe we can work together and bring it back.

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