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  How to Master the Grilled Cheese
using the Best Regards BIT Method

Making a Grilled Cheese at home is something that we can all do, but few would consider themselves exceptional.  We can help you with that.  There are 3 basic factors to creating the perfect Grilled Cheese.  These are not written in stone, but follow these and you will find yourself on the right track.

Locally sourced Sourdough Bread is best.  Bread is the foundation for your sandwich, so either read the label or ask questions of your local baker.  If you cringe at the thought of Sourdough, locally sourced Sourdough is far from San Francisco Sourdough, so fear not.  There are several of us here in KC proudly crafting great bread, and your basic Sourdough will only have 3 ingredients, unbleached flour, water and salt.

Avoid any Bread that has:
   * Corn Syrup or added sugars

   * Dough Conditioners or preservatives

   * Bleached flour

When it comes to the ingredients, it is the wild, wild west, but we have found that these basic guidelines will help significantly.

   * 2 Kinds of cheese is best.  This adds a bit complexity to the flavor, while maintaining familiarity and comfort in your Grilled Cheese.

   * When in doubt, use your favorite cheese along with a slice of Havarti cheese.  We find that Havarti brings out the best in other cheeses, without overwhelming them.

   * Add-ons are great, just don't go overboard.  We find that cheese should outweigh the add-on goodies by 2:1.  Every time we are tempted to push the envelope, it may taste good, but it is not a grilled cheese.

   *  Quality counts, as always

Most people, especially Dad's have done the whole, oops, I burned the Grilled Cheese and scrape off the black.  Many of have taken the approach of hotter is faster and better.  Well, it doesn't work with BBQ, pancakes or Grilled Cheese.  Low and Slow is the key.  If you know how to make pancakes successfully, follow the same technique to master the Grilled Cheese.  Rule of Thumb:  a great Grilled Cheese should take about 5 minutes per side to cook correctly.  By cookie low and slow you are accomplishing 3 things:

   1. Proper melting of the cheese = perfect goo factor

   2. Perfect browning of the bread.  This provides both crunch and flavor. 

   3. Perfect texture of the bread.  This is often overlooked and not understood by most restaurants.  They will cook the Grilled Cheese so it looks right.  This just does not cut it with great BBQ and doesn't work with world class Grilled Cheese.


Good luck and ask us anything you want, the next time you come in.


                                              ~ Robert Duensing 


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