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Championship Weekend Specials
(most people call it Super Bowl™, but we are not allowed to)
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chiefs sugar cookies 1. Chiefs™ Championship
Sugar Cookies
These cookies are huge, delicious and gorgeous. Our recipe is a hybrid soft, shortbread cookie so that you can taste the European butter, vanilla and a hint of sweetness. They are ¼ inch thick,
¼ lb+ and did I mention, soft?

* Assorted designs, $2.99 each
* Available every day, order ahead
* Large orders welcome

Porchetta Party Pack 2. Porchetta Party Pack for
Championship Watch Party
Many have described our Porchetta as the Best sandwich they have ever had.  Now, you can build an almost 3 lb version at your Chiefs watch party or Tailgate at the game.

* $50/Package, limited availability
* Order now, pickup Fri/Sat/Sun
* 8x9 inch Ciabatta arrowhead Bun
* Slow roasted porkbelly, seasoned with 12 herbs and spices
* ½ pint House Made Pickles
* Special secret sauce
3. ArrowBread Heirloom Tomato Ciabatta bread

In honor of Lamar Hunt,
founder of the KC Chiefs
1972: inducted into the NFL
Hall of Fame
1972: Opening of Arrowhead Stadium,
(Best venue in the NFL, then and now)

* $7.20 special price
* Limited supplies
* Championship weekend only
Dot, party size chiefs cookies 4. Party Size Dot Sugar Cookies

These 2½ inch Dot Cookies are just a smaller version of our traditionally huge cookies. Still soft, delicious and are iced with a Chiefs™ theme red/yellow/white buttercream.
* $15/dozen (with discount)
* Order ahead to guarantee availability
*As Clint Eastwood would say,
"Are you Feeling Lucky?" then just come in and take your chances
Chiefs King Cake 5. Chiefs™ Are King Cake
We have taken our ever popular King Cake and upgraded it to the Big Championship Game. This is perfect for the morning or as a dessert.

* $24.99 each
* Includes a shiny lucky dollar coin to see who gets to host the next Super Bowl™ party
* Order ahead, or see quote from Clint Eastwood above
big beef dip Wow!
The Big Beef Dip has been our
fastest selling new Sandwich. Ever.
Scratch made Ciabatta roll, piled high with tender, juicy and flavorful beef with a bowl of Au Jus that tastes
like Grandma's pot roast. 
This will take you back to the old school steak houses.

Yeah, it really does taste as good
as it looks!
Chocolate Texas Sheet cake FREE Piece of
Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake
with each of Toby's Favorite

* Big Beef Dip
* the Porchetta
Porchetta Sandwich  the Porchetta Sandwich
Quickly becoming our Signature Sandwich.

Slow roasted pork belly, from field raised Berkshire hogs. Seasoned with rosemary, thyme and seven other spices and herbs. The aroma, flavor and tenderness is wonderful.

Amazing meat deserves to be paired with a very special bread, so we created our house made Ciabatta bun. Lastly, we created a new pickle to pull it all together. 

If there were ever going to be a contest for Best Sandwich in Kansas City, this is what we would enter. Come on in, try it and let us know what you think.
pecan sticky bun the Pecan Sticky Bun
Big enough to share,
good enough you won't.

Available on Saturday only,
through the holiday season.
 What if someone set out to find the Best Cookie in every state...

 the daily meal

The fine folks at the Daily Meal
set out to do just that.  If you love great food and love to travel, here is the list to finish all cookie lists.  List

cranberry orange cookie

the Best Cookie in Kansas!
Cranberry Orange Cookie
Taste Tester Program
Heirloom Tomatoes
Heirloom tomatoes, best regards Heirloom Tomatoes
Why:  Because they are simply the best.
How: We have been working over the past few years with 2 different growers to ensure that we will have fresh, Heirloom tomatoes every week of the year!
What:  We are using these on everything that we can, including our BLT, Turkey Club, Caprese Grillec Cheese and all of our Salads   
Lutlimate BLT the Ultimate BLT
Yes, it is true, you can get the Best BLT you have ever had, in the middle of February! We pack 6, thick cut slices of Berkshire bacon with several slices of tomatoes on our very own, house made sourdough breads.  Come on in and you can have juice running down your arm!
Cherokee Purple availability will be spotty for a few weeks until our next crop comes in. Same great bacon, same great bread!
Over the last 18 years, Robert Duensing has earned the title of The Cookie Man, from Kansas City!  This title was first given to him by Toby Tobin, live on the radio, over 12 years ago. 

A great and memorable cookie is all about the flavors, texture and aroma.  You will find that many of our signature cookies are 1/4 lb, which are big enough to share, but good enough that you won't.  Robert is obsessed with creating recipes that are not too sweet, so you can enjoy the flavors of the great ingredients that he searches out for each unique recipe.
This is something that Robert strives
to live up to every day.
Sugar Cookies
Food Network, Christmas Cookie Challenge Food Network
 Christmas Cookie Challenge

Here is the Cookie Man, from Kansas City
with Eddie Jackson on Food Network.
Eddie is asking Robert Duensing why he is
destroying a Onesie cookie cutter.

Word is finally getting out, come join the fun and taste for yourself how amazing these cookies really are!

Here is a letter I wrote the night before the competition began: (read more)
Welcome to Best Regards! 
Just now finding out about us?  Wondering how we are celebrating 26 years in business and this is the first you have heard about us?  Here are a few quick links to get the information that you need quickly: 
Map & hours Our Story Cafe Menu
Fresh baked cookies from Best Regards Bakery
Fresh baked cookies available daily!
All baked from scratch, from recipes that we have created, using the best ingredients possible, like European butter, Madagascar bourbon vanilla and more. NO corn syrup, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and no ingredients that we can't pronounce!
Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Avalanche, Spiced Apple Pie, Cranberry Orange, Decorative Sugar, Black & White, Peanut Butter, Lemon-Blueberry, Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chip and Toffee Cookies and a few more!
Cinnamon Roll Cranberry Orange Cookie Chocolate Ganache Sugar Cookie Broccoli
Chop Salad
Chop Salad
Gooey Butter Cake
Venny's Gooey Butter Cake
Our Mission is to make Best Regards the destination
Bakery & Cafe for all of Kansas City!  Come in
and taste why people are driving 30 minutes across town to eat.
~ Cherrie, Robert & Faith Duensing
The home of 52,015,376 Different Grilled Sandwiches!
see the math
What Makes BRB Special? Current Top 5 Goodies
  1. Everything is Scratch:  Absolutely everything is made from scratch.  In today's world this is the only way we can be sure of what is in the foods we sell.  Unlike most every other bakery we do not use any box or bag mixes that you just add water to.  We don't even use just plain old dried cranberries, we take that extra step to make everything special.
  2. Best in the World:  We search throughout the world for the best ingredients we can find to elevate every single ingredient of every product we make.  Artisanal bread is pretty simple as it only has 3 ingredients:  flour, water and salt.  We use King Arthur flour, sea salt and filtered water.  European butter, Madagascar bourbon vanilla and real Limoncello are a few other examples.
  3. Original Recipes:  Every single recipe we use is a Best Regards Bakery original that involved many weeks and months of testing.  Our French Country Bread took 7 months and our Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie to 3 months and 72 test recipes.
  4. Friendly Service:  We are a family owned business worked by family and friends that really care about your bakery and gifting experience.  We have been around for 18 years and we still listen to your feedback.
  5. Passion:  In case you have not noticed, we are foodies with a passion for the best quality food possible.  We are constantly looking for that one extra step we can take to elevate the perfect sweet treat to something even better.
  1. Big Beef Dip: We have taken the idea of a French Dip sandwich and found a way to make it just a little bit better. House made Ciabatta bun, piled high with super flavorful, tender and moist beef and Au Jus that will remind you of an old school steak house and not too salty.
  2. Porchetta Sandwich:  Many are calling this the best Sandwich they have ever had. Period. Slow roasted pork bell from field raised Berkshire hogs with 12 herbs and spices.  This is served on our house made Ciabatta bun.
  3. Iced Sugar Cookies:  Imagine a cookie with all the flavor of the best shortbread, but soft and beautifully decorated with an icing that is not too sweet.
  4. Cranberry Orange Cookies:  If a Scone could grow up into an amazing cookie, this is what it would be!  This has the perfect balance of orange, cranberry and moist, tender cookie, but not too sweet. Just selected the Best Cookie in Kansas!
  5. Cream Puffs & Eclairs:  These will take you back many years, to the last legit Cream Puff, in some cases over 40 years!  These are baked old school and totally hollow, not just cut in half.  We also make our cream filling from scratch, no buckets or can's here. 
pecan sticky bun European Butter Chocolate Avalanche Cookie Chocolate Ganache Sugar Cookie

Store Hours:        Mon - Fri: 8 am - 5 pm            Saturday: 8 am - 2 pm

We currently have our Cinnamon Rolls and full line of 12+ different big soft cookies, Roasterie coffee and plenty of lunch and cafe seating.  Yes, we have real tables & chairs for you to sit down and relax.

119th & Glenwood, Overland Park, Next Door to Johnny's

 just west of the Cheesecake Factory (Map)

Welcome to America's best kept secret.  We are self confessed foodies that have a passion for eating and creating delicious cookies and chocolates.  We bake all of our cookies from scratch using the best ingredients we can find and blend our own chocolate to get the ultimate flavor profile.  You can purchase goodies for yourself, send as a gift or both.  Take a look around and let us know what you think.
~All of us at Best Regards

"Silent Gratitude isn't much use to anyone." ~G.B. Stern
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"The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated." ~William James

$6.99  Daily Special
Grilled Cheese

paradise bacon grilled cheese
Paradise Bacon
Grilled Cheese
Includes a combo side and piece of Gooey Butter Cake.
Yes, you can upgrade the side to a soup or salad!

Piece of Chocolate Cake with either of Toby's 2 favorite meals!
* Big Beef Dip
* Porchetta

Bring a friend and do the Toby Split!
M - F: 8 - 5
Saturday: 8 - 2
Sun:  Closed

M - F: 10 - 3
Saturday: 8 - 2
Sun:  Closed

* Lunch cutoff is now 3 pm, M-F

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* Boxed Lunch



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Old School
Chocolate Eclair
Chocolate Eclairs
Better than Driving to
St. Louis!
Gooey Butter Cake
Gooey Butter Cake
Porchetta sandwich
Porchetta Sandwich
For a more personal service, you may reach us at  913.912.7238
6759 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS  66209
Serving all of the Kansas City, MO Metro area, including:
Kansas City, Leawood, Prairie Village, Independence, Grandview, Gladstone,
Liberty, Lee's Summit, Shawnee, Olathe, Lenexa, Mission Hills.


We bake everything from Scratch, from recipes that we have created, using the best ingredients possible.  Let us know if there are any long lost foods that bring back fond memories. 

Who knows, maybe we can work together and bring it back.

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